At Angus Royale, we only raise genuine Angus beef - a breed famous for its exceptional meat quality and prized by American consumers. We use a two-pronged approach to finishing our beef, and our techniques take advantage of the natural quality traits of the Angus breed. Our approach is simple - We focus on providing a unique flavor experience while simultaneously striving for enhanced marbling, increasing rib eye area quality, and overall tenderness and juiciness. We achieve most of our animals’ weight gains by concentrating on maintaining health while promoting muscle development - Not Fat. ​


Our Angus beef is all-natural, raised and finished according to precise all-natural and animal welfare standards.  

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We raise all of our beef on our own farm. We do not restock our production beef from other operators, but develop our own herd according to the American Angus Association’s “Angus Plan for 2000 and Beyond.” As members of the American Angus Association, we work closely with Angus breed experts through their Certified Angus Beef TM program to constantly improve our herd genetics and the resulting quality of our beef. Our seed stock is supplied by select Angus breeders renowned both locally and nationally for the superior genetics of their cattle. This way we ensure100% Angus genetic integrity while maintaining rigorous compliance with all-natural standards and protocols.